Yes, I remember early this year they had postponed his solo debut for August, but then SJ comeback is on August so don't know what to expect anymore... they are getting YG's bad habit of losing their calendars. But since they also have already schedule SS6, it's sure they are getting back a LOT of money again and SJ was No. 1 in a poll stating the artists that had the most income for the first time of the year. Srsly SM doesn't value SJ as much as they should.chokyukyu

Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with them… I mean why wouldn’t you take care of a band that’s so special and gives a lot of income?….. SM
is crazy -.-

thank you for protecting and supporting Super Junior as the leader ,filling in for Leeteuk oppa, for the past couple of years.your guidance as the leader for the past two years have shown how capable you are as a person and how well you handled situations brought upon by that responsibility,that you are a person who is passionate and loving.thank you for guiding SJ and ELFs towards that 2 years.i’m happy and thankful that you were chosen to be our leader during those times.i’m sorry that we sometimes forget that you can only handle too much.i’m sorry that sometimes ELFs are lacking in our capabilities,specially on being more loyal and loving towards all of you.but i hope that you continue on being the best person that you that Leeteuk is coming back,i hope you have more time to rest before you get caught up in a whirlwind of activities again.thank you so so much Lee Hyukjae.Thank you leader!hyuk.we ♥ you!

please trend #ThanksHyukJae until Monday.let us show him how much we appreciate how he have worked hard for all of us. 

140725 Henry’s surprise visit @ Sukira <3


Played the SJ game and i came to the story point where donghae asked me if i want him to buy me a cake and we go out for a picnic XD these are the caps from the moment we went out for the picnic kk

I cleaned the caps from the dialogues ^^ If you want to make use of these caps, you may do so just please link back to this post and credit me. I will try to edit some more when I find cute caps of Donghae (or Eunhae) kkk. enjoy~


kyuhyun predebut


Thank you for the last 2 years of protecting Super Junior and Elf.

You’ve done a good Job as our leader. We are so proud of you. 


I swear to God Im already feeling SM building getting caught on fire because they fucked sj's comeback... like they said they were preparing since the beginning of the year and so and they are coming with fresh concepts and stuff, if they dont get proper promotions im gonna die ._. -because too far to kill them- also not to be rude or anything on taemin since i know his singing skills have improved and so, but he gets a solo but no yesung or wook or kyu?chokyukyu

I was really expecting for Kyuhyun’s solo. Since well it’s going around earlier this year that he’d have a solo debut this year. And now I’m feeling quite disappointed.

But for now what I really hope is for sm to just focus on the group who have given them a great amount of money without a come back in 2 years. :|

im waiting for tumblr and leeteuk to explode with leeteuk's discharge xD wonder if now that there wont be any ceremony it would still be the madness i was expecting D: and im rly wondering if 7jib would be released in august ;; with the rumor of the new girl group next month wonder if they'll get the promotions they need :Cchokyukyu

me too :3 i’m actually hyperventilating just a few more days!!!! 

and oh my gosh! i know right! SM is also having taemin’s solo btw. i mean do they really have to release a new girl group and prepare for other solo acts for their artist before sj’s comeback. shouldn’t be sj be the priority???

i swear if SM messes sj’s comeback i’m really gonna kill them -.- or probably save sj from them!  

then tell me how are you? :3chokyukyu

well as of now, i’m still on my right mind despite waiting for leeteuk’s discharge, sj 7 and of course ss6 (◡‿◡✿)

how about you my dear?