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Would you marry a fan? (All About Super Junior DVD)

SungMin: Yes, I would probably be taken care of well
YeSung: Yes, she'd understand me best
Leeteuk: Yes, wouldn't it be great to hear "Oppa" and fangirl screams when you come home every day?
cr: 阿飘
Ow im sorry <3 after the first message i came to the mobile app and didnt update anything -.- am fine just a little sick but thanks for asking :3chokyukyu

Awwwe don’t :3

Why??? What happened to you???

Is anyone here from Malaysia, (Kuala Lumpur specifically) ???? Please tell me what are the must eat food there… :3

Hey you how are you <33chokyukyu

Heeeeyyyy :3 I’m fine thank you!

And you???

colorizing b&w → all about sj postcards

: I’ll give u something new

SJ hidden camera during SS4 Indonesia

kyumin x hawaii